Upgrading existing machinery, either your own or delivered by us.

One of our best selling services are the upgrades we offer for existing machinery. Whether it concerns increase of output, quality or available number of colours, we can offer an exciting new option beside just buying new equipment!

We add Curing on Mandrel to old-style machines, put new safety- and lightshielding on machinery, add colours (6–8 colour rebuilds); we put the newest technology on used machinery, thus enabling you to compete in this market against much lower costs.

Please feel free to ask us about the possibilities we offer. And do not narrow it down to just printing equipment; we do upgrade cup-, tube-, lid-, and tub printing machines, but also other printing lines like Mark-Andy, Nilpeter, Condes / Scheibler egg-box printers. On top of that we do the same for extruders, thermoforming machinery, and virtually every piece of packaging machinery you can find in your production. Hard to believe?  Come over and see what we do, and how we do it!

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