Electrical control upgrade

At Dupatech we have remanufactured and upgraded many printers. We do not just replace critical parts. Our aim is to enhance and upgrade the printers. We add new features and use state of the art materials and parts. Our goal is to make sure that your printers will run perfectly for years to come.Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff globally services your printers. Upgrades can be implemented to all your printers from different brands.


  • Your equipment needs to be well maintained to keep running constant and reliable.
  • Your Printer needs a structural upgrade to run perfectly. Replacement of some critical parts in your main cabinet is not enough. If at all possible; many times we find our customers in need because critical parts are no longer being supported by suppliers like Siemens, Allen Bradley etc.
  • An assessment by our control system experts is a necessity. They understand offset printers and provide you with a detailed status report.
  • We have the best people to support you. They know and understand the control system of your printers, VanDam, Omso, Polytype or any other brand.


Step 1: Quote

First we provide you with a detailed quote. Based on pictures of the printer and the cabinet we can draw up a budget required to upgrade your machine. Our engineers will review the pictures, and if present the electrical drawings to make sure you get all the necessary information.

Step 2: Roadmap

Second, based upon our vast experience of the past 20 years, we design a preliminary blueprint how your new control system should be like. We provide you with as much information as possible. We provide you with a roadmap, so you can make a well substantiated decision on your budget and time-line.

Step 3: Project

Third, if you approve of the quote and time-line, our engineers verify the preliminary blueprint at your site. They inspect the printer and confirm with you all options, and answer all of your questions. Once you are happy with our roadmap we provide you with the formal quote and blueprint. After your approval we start the project.


  • The newest hardware and the best Software
  • Controls Design
  • Panel Build
  • PLC Programming
  • Simulation
  • Startup & Support
  • Training

For more information please contact us, info@dupatech.nl.